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BioLock Roseville MI

BioLock - Fingerprint Recognition Device 

Biometric locks are convenient and innovative locks that rely on unique physical human traits such as fingerprints to operate a locking mechanism. Big companies such as Biolock supply fingerprint locks starting at around $200, and while the fingerprint security is much more secure than any key, consumer biometric locks usually feature a backup key lock that’s less security than your standard Master Lock.

Biolock - Why Buy Biometric Locks

Firstly, fingerprint locks are so cool. This is a high-tech product of futuristic secret agent movies, powered by 4 AA batteries and keeping your home secure while you’re away! Highly classified government agencies have been using biometric identification for several years because of the sheer uniqueness of your fingerprint. Biolock’s systems feature 500 dot-per-inch (DPI) fingerprint sensors that someone whose fingerprints nearly match your own cannot fool. No one can copy your fingerprints or steal it from underneath the rock where you keep a spare. Instead, the owner of the “master” fingerprint can only grant more fingerprints access. Latest models even include deadbolts that every homeowner should use on each exterior door.

BioLock - Insecurity Engineering and Shortcomings

Despite the benefits and security that a fingerprint lock provides, biometric lock manufacturers now include a failsafe in the form of a traditional mechanical lock and key.

What To Look For And How To Choose

  • Backups - If the fingerprint scanner fails for any reason (a rain-induced short circuit, perhaps) or your battery dies, consider how you can get in. Many fingerprint locks include a conventional key slot; demand that the backup keyed entry of your lock uses the traditional pin-tumbler key and lock, and not a less-secure version such as a dimple key.
  • Battery life - Check what a manufacturer promises for your lock; you do not want to be changing your batteries every week, especially when you already paid for installation. The last thing you would want is to come home to discover that your lock has died. That is equal to losing your keys!
  • Other main factors to consider when choosing a BioLock, Roseville, MI are the appearance, design, ease of installation and sliding cover to protect from the elements.

Check the reviews of the most popular biometric locks online. Most biometric locks work well. The fingerprint scanner is rarely the problem. However, ensure you don’t get fooled into purchasing a BioLock known to fail under pressure. Looking for a reliable BioLock in Roseville, MI? Call Great Lakes Security Hardware today at 888-855-6257.