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Using A Wall Safe

Why Use A Wall Safe

You might have items of great sentimental or monetary value in your home that you don’t want tampered with or stolen. An excellent way to protect such items is using a wall safe. Getting the right wall safe may sometimes be an uphill task. You have to cut through all the hype of different sources until you get to the real deal – a wall safe built in the best way to provide concealment of your items. Even after buying the perfect safe, there are other things you should ensure so that all you concealment needs are met. After long consultations with other security professionals, we recommend the following things when working with wall safes:  

Choosing A Wall Safe

1.Choose a wall safe that blends in with your wall. The main purpose of using a wall safe is to hide your valuables. When you securely embed the wall safe, it becomes very challenging for burglars to find it and even much harder to break into it. 2.Choose a suitable spot: You can place the safe behind a wall painting. Installation on such a spot ensures that the safe is inconspicuous and does not cause damage to the wall and electrical and plumbing systems. Make sure the painting does not appear to be out of place within the area. You can get insights from our safe salesperson on total concealment of your wall safe. 3.Bigger is better: Buy a safe that is larger than what you think you need at the moment. Think about the items you will be putting in the safe in future. Many customers realize that they did not buy a safe big enough to meet their needs after they have added items to the safe for several years. 4.Choose a safe with a reliable lock: Which one do you prefer: a dial lock, electronic lock or redundant lock? Good quality electronic and dial locks are U.L. rated. They provide a commendable level of protection. Redundant locks offer the best of both worlds. They have both a mechanical and electronic lock. In case one lock fails, you can use the other lock to access your safe. 5.Check fire ratings: Different wall safes have varying fire ratings based on results of tests carried out by an independent testing agency. An “FR” sign means the wall safe is fire resistant but uninsulated. This safe cannot protect your valuables for a long time during a fire accident. A safe with a “1/2 hour” rating can resist flames for only 30 minutes. A safe marked “1 hour” can protect your items for up to 60 minutes. If you want ultimate fire protection, choose wall safes marked “2 hour”. These safes can protect your valuables for 120 minutes.



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