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Commercial Door Requirements Means More Than Just Compliance

Exterior commercial door requirements should be carefully considered because the exterior door of any commercial establishment - whether it is a small store, a quaint little book shop or coffee nook, or a big and popular go-to place for regular customers - is one of the first things that customers see.

People may look at the establishment as a whole but will eventually seek out the entrance to it. This is especially the case when the Open and Closed signs are placed on or near the door, as well as the operating hours, menu, sale signs, or special listings. Hence, taking the time to choose and install an exterior commercial door is just as important as designing the whole place and choosing the perfect decor and accents to go with it.

Although these are not part of standard commercial door requirements, having a company that can help you with the design and aesthetics can be just as important.

The Most Basic Commercial Door Requirements

Beyond service entry doors like rolling steel doors or sectional steel doors, the most important doors to your business are the customer-facing doors. So what do the most basic commercial door requirements consist of for business entrances?

  • Style

  • Material

  • Application

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Style of Commercial Doors Includes Design and Type

The style refers to a door's design and type. It has to match the overall architectural design of the store or establishment and has to be one with its theme or color scheme.

A door can be a simple single door of wooden finish with glass panels. Doors with a wooden theme or look can be easily played around with when it comes to designing it as a wood design can be so versatile. Single doors can also be typical glass doors with aluminum sides.

An establishment's exterior doors can also be the two-door type. Two-door types also come in a variety of designs. It can highlight an elegant look of a building when framed with bricks or it can be a typical pair of double glass doors which open to a bright, inviting, and cheerful store or cafe.

The Material of Commercial Entrance Doors Should Be Functional and Stylish

The material of exterior doors is more focused on a door's functional aspect but their execution can also play around with the building or establishment's theme and overall style. It is just important to consider the door's material - being an exterior part, it has to be able to withstand various environmental conditions and changes in seasons.

Materials for commercial doors can include:

  • Glass

  • Steel

  • Wood

The outside part of the door is also constantly exposed to the elements hence it requires more durable, sturdier, and tougher material. If a door's design is wooden, it has to be a specific quality of wood that can last being an outdoor material. If it has glass panels, the glass material has to be thicker and tougher types.

Why Application is Important to Commercial Door Requirements

With regard to the commercial door application, exterior doors can be installed in such a way that they swing open or close, or that they slide apart or close. Automatic doors may also either swing or slide, depending on the design and space for the entrance and exits of the establishment.

Even if customers are going to a store to see what is inside it, it is still important to ensure that the doors that will welcome them have met the basic commercial door requirements, and are as inviting to walk through.


Business front entry door


Automatic Doors for Businesses in the Roseville, MI Area

Do you know that when buildings are in neighborhoods with an older demographic, such as near a retirement community, automatic doors can provide a huge competitive advantage?

Retail stores, movie theaters, and restaurants that welcome customers with auto open and close doors for easy access are much appreciated by those who may be dealing with disabilities, canes, and walkers.

There are several types of automatic commercial doors available, including:

  • Automatic doors

  • Sliding automatic doors

  • Swinging automatic doors

Be sure to partner with commercial door experts that do more than install. Automatic doors will require regular maintenance to keep them in proper working order!

How to Choose Commercial Door Hardware for Your Exterior Business Doors

At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we've built supplier relationships for commercial door repair parts so we can provide you with the best installation, repair, or maintenance services for your entry doors.

Not sure what hardware you need for your business? Let our experts assist you with finding exactly what you need, meeting both the functionality and security requirements as well as aesthetics.

Great Lakes Security Hardware Are Your Commercial Door Repair, Installation, and Requirement Specialists

Some commercial door companies specialize only in a few door installation aspects, however, at Great Lakes, our company focuses on the whole entryway. From installation of commercial doors to commercial door repair, our licensed and insured technicians have the industry experience to develop complete door security solutions to ensure that the various systems are functioning correctly and won't fail after heavy use.

During our client's door installations, we consider additional factors such as the entryway's specific purpose and if the public will access it. Are there ADA regulations that need to be met? Will the door or door frames be subject to heavy impact? We address all of these concerns to ensure that an entryway solution is the right one for your specific purpose.

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