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Electronic Key Management System

Electronic Key Management System Roseville MI

Large companies with several employees and assets depend on the use of the locking systems which need physical keys, and it can be logistically challenging to maintain all the keys and their uses, particularly without a well-designed master key system. Therefore, business should acquire an electronic key management system. With an ascending keys hierarchy that unlocks particular locks of different levels of security, an electronic key management system enables for efficient distribution, accountability, and regulating of keys that lead to increased security in your business. In fact, designing a perfect master key system to fit the needs of businesses was the most efficient way of regulating the distribution and the use of keys, that’s, until the development of the electronic key management system.

The Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)

What’s the Electronic Key Management System? It’s a highly efficient system for managing keys, it is simple, and yet it keeps all your keys secure and safe when not in use, by preventing unauthorized access to all keys. In fact, the EKMS protects your keys against theft and removes key misplacement since every key is attached to a smart key that’s uniquely identified using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). Using the RFID, keys are automatically tracked, identified, and LCDs can be used to monitor their use that allows visual confirmation of each keys activity. Without a PIN code or RFID card, access to the keys of an EKMS system isn’t impossible. After each use, a key transaction is recorded using the time stamp, and the information is logged for accountability and reference.

Applications of Electronic Key Management System

An electronic key management system is ideal for corporate offices, use in banks, government buildings, parking areas, shopping malls, and all businesses, in all types of industries. There are several benefits EKMS. Here are some top benefits: 1. Enhanced Security -Only authorized users can access the electronic key management system, and levels of access and customizable groups can be developed to establish even tighter control of the high-level security keys. When unauthorized personnel attempts to access the system, the EKMS permanently logs the entry and will send an email notification. 2. Accountability -Since locks and keys are designed to keep things secure and safe, accountability is a significant concern when it comes to access to physical locations, and using vehicles and equipment. In this way, EKMS offers full reporting and audit trail of every key and the activity of any user. 3. Ease of Use -Once installed, an electronic key management system is easy to operate and use, and, it makes companies more productive since it prevents the need to replace lost the keys. To learn more about the operation of an electronic key management system, and how it can benefit your company, you can go for a free no-obligation consultation at Great Lakes Security Hardware. electronic key management system