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Car Key Replacement, Duplication, and Cutting

Have you been saved from a vehicle lockout situation because you invested in duplicate chip keys? Having a chip key duplicate, a car key copy, will automatically help reduce the probability of you being stuck in a lockout.

However, if you find yourself locked out of your car, you will probably be put at ease knowing that your chip key duplicate is nearby.

The price of chip key duplicates or car key fob replacement isn't set in stone, even though some people may be tempted to think so. Much like anything else, various factors come into play to help determine how high (or low) the cost of chip key duplication and key cutting is.

Duplicate Chip Keys for Your Car Keys Come in Handy

Some never worry about the costs of chip key duplicates because they do not think they will ever need a spare car key. However, it's essential to realize that chip key duplicates come in handy for many different reasons including:

  • Lost car keys

  • Broken car keys or remote key fobs

  • Locked keys and/or fob remote inside your car

  • Multiple drivers of the same car (don't have to switch keys - everyone has their own!)

As the name implies, a chip key duplicate is ideally going to be an identical copy of the key that you already have. Therefore, you will need to have your physical key in your possession in order to have a duplicate key made.

It's important, however, to understand the differences between chip key duplicates, replacing a key, or cutting a key.

Key Cloning (Duplicate Car Key) vs. Key Cutting (Replacement Car Key)

Car key fob, iphone, and wallet sitting side-by-side

If you've ever been locked out of your car or needed a new car key made for your vehicle, you probably know you need to call a locksmith.

However, you probably don't know exactly how a locksmith creates the key. Two basic processes that locksmiths use to make replacement keys:

  1. Key cloning or chip key duplication

  2. Key cutting or replacement car key

Also, many cars today have keyless entry systems, so what happens in you need to replace or duplicate these? A locksmith will be able to make a transponder key replacement for any make and model. Continue reading to learn more about key replacement or duplication options.

What is Car Key Cloning or Chip Key Duplication?

With key cloning or chip key duplication, the locksmith will use the data that’s embedded in the transponder key to creating a new key that replicates the original. This duplicate transponder key is designed to be a perfect match for the vehicle that your car’s computer can’t distinguish between.

While cloning can be used to make a replacement key or a duplicate key for a vehicle, it is not an option in the event of a lockout, since the original key must be used.

What is Car Key Cutting for Replacement Car Keys?

The other process involves key cutting. This is the process of making keys from scratch and can be done without using the transponder key data This means that the new car key must be reprogrammed to work with the vehicle’s computer system.

Key cutting can be done to either match an existing key, or match the lock itself. In order to do this, the locksmith will use specialized tools and machinery to model the key based on the corresponding locking mechanism.

How to Choose Between Car Key Cutting and Car Key Cloning

Samples of Chip Keys cut  in Roseville Michigan

Many factors need to be considered when deciding between key-cutting services and key cloning, or chip key duplication:

  • Cost: Because key cloning is a simpler process than key cutting, it’s also cheaper. However, key cutting is a more complicated process that requires a lot of time and labor by a licensed locksmith. So the most affordable option is key cloning or chip key duplication services.

  • Versatility: Key cutting is a far more versatile service since it can be used with or without the original key. Key cloning can only be done by programming the data from the existing transponder keys, so it’s not an option for lost or stolen keys.

  • Security: While cloning or chip key duplication is convenient and affordable, it isn’t the best choice if one of your keys has been lost or stolen. Since the new key is a clone of your existing key, your vehicle’s computer has no way of distinguishing between them. Therefore, lock replacement and key cutting is the best option to keep your vehicle secure.

Get Replacement Chip Keys Cut in Roseville MI by Professional Locksmith Technicians

Are you looking for an experienced, reputable, and professional locksmith for your replacement chip keys for your car in Roseville MI? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Don't wait until you find yourself in a lockout, stay safe and save money - get started now!