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King Cobra Locks by Schlage

Modified: October 5, 2022

King Cobra, A Schlage Cobra Lock

The King Cobra is a fantastic protection upgrade where physical keys are still being distributed to employees, or where manual pushbutton locks with single, shared, difficult-to-change combinations are being relied upon to secure entry.

Cobra by Schlage is the perfect solution for hospitals, airports, corporate campuses, universities, or commercial applications like managed properties, multi-family units, restaurants, retail stores, or other small businesses where key control and security are a concern.

The Schlage King Cobra lock is a manually programmable, smart access control solution. It regulates the lock with maximum security, endurance, and design which makes it a great fit for a wide range of applications. Currently, two models of the King Cobra are available:

  1. The slim style alternative for lightweight light aluminum storefront doors.

  2. The model arranged for sound doors.

Schlage considers this model to be the next step when moving from a Level 1 patented mechanical key foundation to a Level 2 electronic entry control. King Cobra also offers the flexibility to program it to operate like a traditional lock when needed in certain situations or times of the day.

Advantages of The King Cobra Programmable Locks

For customers ready to make the transition to mechanical locks with access control, King Cobra by Schlage is the top choice. When the King Cobra is set up, customers can easily adapt to the system and are impressed with its reliability, ease of functionality, and physical durability.

The Schlage Cobra lock family offers the unique benefit of an iButton credential in addition to a keypad for obtaining access, yet the person chooses on a user-by-user basis whether a credential must be applied. This is a slight departure from other systems that may use time zones or user permissions to allow entry. The system administrator can allow access on a user-by-user basis or allow a traditional lock operation.

iButtons are indestructible and almost impossible to duplicate. They work well on a key chain, and if the iButton is stolen or lost, it can be quickly deleted and a new one re-issued.

King Cobra Lock Installation Process for Commercial and Government Facilities

For commercial or government facilities with multiple doors or multiple locations, the same iButton may be used by employees or administrators at multiple locations without having to mess with facility codes, which is the case with many other credential-based access controls.

What is Your Door Thickness?

Although the King Cobra is designed to be applied on a significant variety of door thicknesses, a special translator plate is required for thinner doors. This accessory really should be bought independently. Make sure you measure the door thickness to determine whether or not you need to purchase the translator plate.

Why Backset Size Matters for Installation

The backset is also critical since it cannot be altered when on the job. Backset shall probably be either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4". Be certain you have the proper shim and backset latch so that you can move forward to the next steps of the installation process.

New Installations vs Retrofit Applications

It's a fair assessment that in the majority of situations, retrofitting will be required. However, having stated that, whether this is a brand-new installment or a retrofit, drilling the door for this lock involves slightly more prepping for a typical cylindrical lockset.

  1. Determine the lock height on the door for the new lock.

  2. Mark the door as you would for a typical cylindrical lockset.

  3. Then mark the door for any additional holes required

  4. And drill!

What You Need to Know About The Vandlgard Clutching Lever

The Schlage King Cobra Family members consist of the Vandlgard clutching lever design. Till the lock is actuated by the right code or credential, the bar is divided from the lock system (free of fee wheeling), consequently safeguarding the lock system from loss from criminal damage or attack.

About The Everest Passkey System by Schlage

The Schlage King Cobra Family features a Schlage Everest cylinder that provides a solid mechanical key solution. This system allows for the King Cobra lock to integrate into any Everest master key system already in place.